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Being Filled with the Spirit

When you believe in Jesus and His finished work, you receive his spirit. From then on it's your choice to be filled with the spirit. Being filled… Read More

Walking in the Spirit is natural

ELECTRICITY AND THE SPIRIT OF GOD The mighty power lines that carry electricity at enormously high voltages from power plants to our homes… Read More

Our Sunday Schools

Adult Sunday School

Our adult Sunday School is amazing. The class has so much fun learning about Christ. The atmosphere is one that encourage people to discuss their daily lives and how they live out their faith.

God's Little Lights

God’s Little Lights is a Sunday School for K-3rd grade. These little guys and girls are awesome. They even spend time preparing prayer requests for the worship service.

Transformer Youth

This Sunday School is for teens. They are currently studying the “life of Christ”. We are passionate about leading our teens into a deeper walk with Christ.

What People Are Saying

“It is so refreshing to come to a church and witness such authenticity. It’s so rare these days but it shouldn’t be”

Tony Golladay